VAST - DC 23


DC-23 Vibration Analyzer – the 4th generation dual channel vibration analyzer with synchronous channels. With Dream Software, DC 23 can produce Automatic Diagnostic function which would help the maintenance team on quick decision making without much knowledge on the data analysis.

It is used for vibration analysis including levels, auto-, envelope-, cross-spectra measurements, orbits for condition monitoring, diagnostics, rotor balancing.

The DC-23 measures all the parameters simultaneously for two channels and from one time domain signal record. Is makes measurements much faster and more reliable for diagnostics and machine fault analysis. Based on requirement, User has the option to choose between the Explosive Proof or Non-Explosive proof.

Following are some of the important features of the DC-23 analyzer.
  • High resolution color screen and modern user friendly interface.
  • Wide range of vibration analysis functions allows precise diagnostics of machine condition and condition based maintenance.
  • Advanced technical specifications – frequency range up to 51 kHz, frequency resolution up to 51000 lines and dynamic range exceeding 100 dB by vibration signal allow diagnostics of both slow an fast rotating machines
  • Alarm levels can be set for each measurement point for each measurement that allows in-field results in condition monitoring.
  • Defect frequencies can be displayed on spectra allowing in-field condition diagnostics.
  • Balancing fo up to 4 planes machines. Field balancing in own supports..
  • Run-in\coast down application to analyse amplitude-phase-frequency response.
  • Shock application for analysis of resonances in the structures.



  • Acceleration, velocity, displacement, voltage, electrical current, rotation speed

Measurement types:

  • Overall level, envelope spectrum, autospectrum, amplitude\phase, cross spectrum, orbits, curtosis, constant percentage bandwidth spectrum, time signal, envelope time signal


  • RMS, peak, peak-peak, peak-factor

Number of channels:

  • 2 channels parallel, synchronous, 1 tacho

Frequency range for vibration:

  • from 0,5 upto 51 200 Hz

Frequency resolution:

  • from 400 up to 51 200 lines

Vibration dynamic range in spectra:

  • 100 dB, not less

Rotation speed range:

  • from 2 up to 1000 Hz (from 120 up to 60 000 RPM)

Phase measurement range

  • from 0 up to 360 degrees

Application firmware:

  • Run-in\coast  down, Balancing, Recorder, Schock, Vector calculator


  • 1,05kg


  • 142.6 х 194 х 38.6 mm


  • IP65

Operation temperature range:

  • from -20 up to 50 С

Operation time from batteries:

  • 8 hours, not less

RAM/FLASH storage:

  • 1Gb/4Gb