Infrared thermography is the nondestructive, non-intrusive, non contact mapping of thermal patterns on the surface of objects.  It is usually used to diagnose thermal behavior and, thereby, to assess the performance of equipment and the integrity of material, products and processes.


The infrared thermal imaging equipment used in infrared thermography is available in numerous configurations and with varying degrees of complexity. The thermal maps produced by infrared thermal imaging instruments are called Thermograms.

We, Vibsys Technical Services, have advanced tools to perform Infrared Thermography for the following industrial applications:

  • Electrical Inspection – Bus duct, Emergency power, Lighting, Motors/Generators, Switches, load centers, motor control centers, power factor capacitors, bus bars, and fuses, Transformers, Transmission lines lightning arresters, circuit breakers, conductors, splices, disconnects and compression clamps.
  • Mechanical Inspection – Drives, conveyors and pillow blocks, Heavy-duty equipment: pulleys, gears and ball mills, Hydraulics, HVAC systems, Internal combustion engines, Mechanical drive turbines and small turbine generator units, Presses, Pumps, compressors, fans and blowers.