Shaft centreline misalignment can be classified

  • Angular misalignment
  • Offset / Parallel misalignment
  • Skew misalignment (Combination of Angular & Offset misalignment)

Angular misalignment occurs when the shaft centrelines meet at an angle. Offset misalignment occurs when the shafts are parallel, but offset from each other. The misalignment may be vertical, horizontal, or a combination of the two. Most shaft misalignment is a combination of both angular and offset misalignment.

Alignment is the correction of relative position of two machines so that Center lines of two rotating shafts form a straight line when the machines are working at normal operating temperature.

We, Vibsys Technical Services, are experts in Laser Alignment services and resolved many critical misalignment cases. Following are the key benefits of our Laser alignment services:

  • Highest accuracy in less time
  • Up to 10 meter coupling distance could be aligned
  • Soft foot measurement and Correction
  • Thermal or Offset compensation